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Lots of talks and researches are going on to subdue the side effects of modern medicines, the deleterious effects of the long term use of medicines is another issue these days. So, the whole modern world including World Health Organisation is looking towards the herbal solution of the ailments. That is why the role of herbal drug industry is very important in producing high quality drugs from their natural sources which do not harm the human body or simply do not have side effects on human body. This result can only be expected when the drugs are used in their natural form because the active ingredients remain with the natural elements of the plant and herbs to help reduce the risk of side effects and this expectations only be fulfilled by herbal medicines.

RHP is committed to provide excellent Unani herbal medicines of highest standards to all types of ailments in a comprehensive manner. Our special focus is on maintaining the quality of drugs for producing excellent results. RHP uses the best quality raw drugs to manufacture the medicine. RHP is equipped with best quality control lab to check and maintain the best quality of every single batch of the medicines.

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