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Campaign Management

PPC Management is the most effective way of Search engine marketing to bring traffic to your website over a short period of time. Some carefully laid out PPC campaigns can start showing results even within hours of getting published on the internet. All major search engines provide specific Pay Per click services like Google has Google adwords Yahoo has Overture (now Yahoo Search Marketing) and Bing (MSN) has Adcenter to suit your business requirement.

In Pay Per Click Campaigns there are three parties are involved the advertiser, the search engine, where the ad will be placed and a Pay Per Click company who designs and creates a PPC campaign on the search engine. The advertiser has to bid on keywords and phrases which are most relevant to his website. PPC campaigns are created using these websites and published on the search engine. Every time a prospective buyer or an interested user clicks on the advert the advertiser is charged a certain amount and the same gets deducted for the cost of the PPC campaign.

A SEO Process gives the optimum output only if it is designed by a professional expert in PPC campaign like our company Sibz Solutions. A PPC campaign once published almost immediately starts getting clicks. The traffic generated by a PPC campaign can only prove to be genuine and relevant if the keywords/ phrases used in the campaign are based on the theme of the website. The keywords should be the ones the most probable options that might be put on the search engine by the users to conduct a search about a particular product or service. Only a professional Pay Per Click Management Company like ours does an in-depth research of the keywords to suggest you the best option. To get results in the form of genuine traffic to your website through well thought out PPC Campaigns. Try our PPC Packages today!

PPC and Seo are the two major techniques of Internet marketing. It depends on the specific requirement and Budget of the client as to which technique he/she should adopt. We specialize in both SEO and PPC techniques hence for your easy reference please find a comparative study of SEO and PPC techniques below. It will definitely help you decide which technique of Internet marketing suits your requirement the most.

» A comparative study between SEO and PPC techniques
The two main techniques of Internet marketing SEO and PPC can be compared based on certain factors. They are enumerated as below:

» Implementation time
A PPC advert can be published on the net within an hour’s time while a well thought out SEO process which includes both on-page and off-page optimization might take months together.

» Cost involved:
SEO techniques bring in natural traffic to the website by making necessary changes in the content of the website, the Meta tags, the urls and /or by submitting on different blogs directories social media sites and thus creating backlinks and making the site popular on the Internet. There is no cost involved in any of the Seo techniques.

A PPC campaign on the other hand is a costly affair, it can cost a fortune in case the advertiser is bidding for the most sought after keywords. With every click on the advert by a user a certain amount is deducted from the PPC campaign cost.

» Time taken to deliver results:
A PPC campaign can generate instant traffic to the website. The moment the PPC advert is live on the website it starts getting traffic with every click made by a user. Whether or not this traffic is relevant entirely depends on the content and design of the PPC campaign. PPC gives quick results and hence it is good for businesses who are looking for immediate results.

SEO techniques might take months together to show results but the traffic it generates is genuine and organic traffic. SEO should be given preference from a long term perspective as the effect/result /output of SEO activities reflect on search engines for a longer period of time.

Both for PPC and SEO regular updating of processes has to take place to generate results.

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