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Digital Marketing


SEO means making the website so that search engines will start liking your website and showing your website with good rank. Everybody is dependent on search engines. Whenever it’s required to know about anything, user open google or bing or yahoo etc. and enters keywords and get results, there are chances that user will check first, second pages and in very few cases, user go to other pages also.The main purpose of SEO is getting more visibility on web under search engines, it directly effects the traffic to your website and as many user will come to your website, there are chances of getting profit by sharing information, selling services, product etc. The better SEO will do the best job for you, its an easy way to market yourselves on Internet where in todays world Internet is widely used everywhere for many purposes.

SEO is based on good, unique and keywords rich content. Search engines don’t like duplicate content and copy/pasting content from other websites should be strongly avoided.

We live in a very competitive world, if we are into business and there are many who are having same business. We are not doing SEO for our website, and other are doing SEO it clearly give profit to others when their websites will be more visible on search engines and having more traffic then ours.

SEO is a great and cheap tool to gain more visibility, traffic and profits. If you have just started a small business, and want to promote/market and don’t want to invest in traditional things like print, TV, Radio media (that is expensive too), SEO is the best choice. Your website is representing you and your business on Internet, SEO will giving ways to show your website to the top of the important search pages co your customers can find you easily.

Although, SEO is not magic and will start giving visibility on next day. Its LONG TERM investment. It usually takes a few months to see results from SEO techniques, but over time SEO will provide exponential growth for your business. Search engines like google, bing, yahoo etc. keep doing changes in their search algorithm so its required to keep SEO updated as per that to get the best results.